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 In 2019, The Canadian Government sent seven scientists to investigate an environmental disaster in the Northwest Territories: all seven advisors vanished. When teen activist Annie Erickson learns that her sister is one of “The Missing,” she embarks on a dangerous quest to find her. Annie’s investigation leads her to a region called The Lake of The Woods and to an uninhabited island believed to be haunted. As Annie investigates each lead, she allies herself with a rogue scientist and a political whistleblower. Together, they uncover a classified bioweapons program: “The 7th Fire.” As events unfold amid a global pandemic, Annie realizes that her mission has just begun.

Spencer McKinley is an author and environmentalist. She is represented by the UK’s leading book PR agency Palamedes PR. The 7th Fire is currently featured in MSN News, and 150 other respected UK publications including Reader’s Digest UK, Female First, The Scotsman, and The Guardian. The author supports various environmental platforms, including Cultural Survival, Conservation International, WeForest, and Oceana. In 2014, before the Covid Crisis, the author served as a CPT Delegate monitoring a biochemical contaminate discovered on First Nation Lands, in Ontario Canada. She is one of the rare outsiders to have witnessed first-hand the devastation at Treaty 3 Reserve. The catastrophe caused a political firestorm, resulting in the longest-running Blockade in Canadian history, and became known as the country’s worst environmental disaster. 



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